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The Droomalith is an “uber-deity” that is given power by the combined dreams of sentient creatures throughout the cosmos. It is eternally sleeping in a remote island at the top of the world of Droomalithia that is inaccessible to its inhabitants. To all intents and purposes, it does not exist in physical form, although it does have its own unique dimensional plane (Pinnacle) within the physical confines of the world of Droomalithia.

The Droomalith is eternally guarded by The Lady of Pain in Sigil, who controls the only direct access to the plane. Her unique knowledge of all that happens throughout the cosmos gives her the power to wake the Droomalith at any time. On waking, the Droomalith becomes omniscient and omnipotent and has knowledge and control over all other pantheons and their respective deities.

The Droomalith’s primary reason for existence is the balance of powers throughout the multiverse and where it sees conflict that may result in inbalance, it can summon any followers of any deity to the Island of Shimring to settle scores, interact with each other or to complete any quest set out by the Droomalith. When this happens, all other deities are powerless to prevent it, and must merely watch as events unfold.

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The Droomalith

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