New Character Generation

New Characters Entering Shimring in Lantan will start at 105,001 XP (Level 15)
Can be any alignment but NOT EVIL!
Should be from Faerun but could have originated from any other world, as long as history is outlined.
Equipment can total 200,000 GP as per DMG p135
Character Generation: Roll 4d6 – reroll lowest. Repeat 6 times. Repeat above until 3 lists of 6 exist. Choose One.
All characters should be from PHB or approved by DM and Book/Page References given.
Must choose deity from the following:
Corellon Larethian – CG,CN,NG, All Elves
Eillistraee – CG,CN,NG, All Non Evil Drow
Gond – N,NG,CN, all Gnomes
Ilmater – LG,NG,LN
Llira – CG,CN,NG
Milil – NG,N,CG,LG
Mystra – NG,CG,LG,LN,N, All Arcane Magic Users
Tempus – CN,CG,NG, All Warriors
Torm – LG,LN,NG, All Paladins

(For Full List of Deities, see Deities)
Each Character should devote at least 10 skill ranks to KNOWLEDGE PLANES.

All Characters to be made using ELECTRONIC CHARACTER SHEET and forwarded to DM before play OR printed on Std Character Sheet, with extra copy brought to game.
All Magic Items MUST be represented by a Card (These will be issued before play)
1,000 Extra Experience Points will be given to any player who also Uploads their Character to Obsidian Portal.

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New Character Generation

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