Aarda is the main continent of Droomalithia. To the extreme north, separated by a range of almost inaccesible mountains is the magical peninsular of Wyrmland. This is a land controlled by Dragon Deities throughout the multiverse and is also a breeding ground for dragons of all shapes and forms.

The Ancient Dragons of Wyrmland are also the main guardians of the world of Droomalithia. There is usually not much contact between Wyrmland and the rest of Aarda unless outer planar influence on Shimring reaches gigantic proportions. Dictates of the Dragon Gods forbid unauthorised excursions in the mainland of Aarda, although the great beasts are sometimes seen flying high overhead on their way to Shimring.

Most of the population of Aarda is centred on the eastern part of the continent, particularly on the southern coast. Influential states there are vying for dominence in a world they are still discovering. Countries include Kuntari in the far South, Craggland on the southern peninsular, Boravia, Glaan and Kron on the south coast, Moravia to the far east and Antirim to the North.

Kingdoms of Aarda

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