Campaign of the Month: August 2012




In the final rounds of the battle in the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration, the Questors fight against the remaining six drow for possession of the sacred relic, THE CLIP OF GOND.

Astral Lullabyes

In a fortified tower in the Astral Plane, many years after the fabled Earthquest of Shimring the venerable Astral Stalker sorcerer, SCHNEFFRAK, plays out the end of his long life by telling stories of his hunting adventures to his attentive grandchildren.

Death slaad

“I shall finish telling you about the time I travelled to Shimring and how I escaped from the dreaded Death Slaadi of Olidammara…

The Final Curtain

Divinia scent

Using their newly acquired Carpet of Flying to cross the sea to the Isle of Horus, the Shimring Questors, having completed three Divine Tasks in three different planes, met with the Guardian of Horus, the Prime Solar of the Droomalith, Divinia Scent.



After the Final Quest of Shimring the Questors who had completed the journey were each granted a wish and transported to wherever they wanted to be to live out their lives.

Wishes Granted by Ra:

Forge: “To have Gojira restored.” [GRANTED]
Baris: “To have Intelligence increased.” [add + 1 INT]
Pelius: “To have Wisdom increased.” [add + 2 WIS] (Ra/Pelor is Pelius’s God)
Faren: “To have Charisma increased.” [add + 1 CHA]
Aibron: “To have better movement.” [GRANTED WINGS!] (Ra/Pelor is Aibron’s God)
Talia: “To have Intelligence increased.” [add + 1 INT]

Accounts of the hereafter.

To find out what happened to the Champion Questors after Shimring, go Beyond Shimring to read accounts of some of the player characters!

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