Sylvan Scimitar of the Blessed and the Light

Perfectly weighted hardened silver scimitar with carved mithral scabbard and jewelled pommel.

weapon (melee)
  • Hardened Silver Scimitar +4 (No penalty to attack bonus), conferring the CLEAVE feat to any NON EVIL wielder (if CLEAVE already held, confers GREAT CLEAVE) and doing an extra 1d6 Force damage to any successful attack.
  • Evil creatures wielding this weapon suffer a negative energy level while held.
  • It can also be used as a TELEPORT KEY to any portal in the Gossamer region of the Demonweb.
  • It is a Ghost Touch Weapon, negating 50% miss chance on non corporeal creatures.
  • It bypasses all Damage Reduction when used against any kind of Undead.
    STATS: Dmg 1d6 Crit 18-20/x2 Weight 4lb Slashing
    VALUE: 106 000 GP
  • Bio:

    Found by the Questors in a secret chamber behind the armoury of Gossamer. This was the most expensive item within a hidden room housing several special artifacts of Drow of Eillistraee design.

    Legends tell that it was designed by wizards and clerics of Eillistraee and blessed by one of her Warding Deities to be used against the Undead Servants of the Liches of Lolth. However, the attack of the Liches came before preparations could be made and it has therefore never been used in battle.

    Sylvan Scimitar of the Blessed and the Light

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