Heart of the Dracolich

A Large Ruby of Primordial Power dimensionally anchored in Shimring

Legend of the Heart of the Dracolich

The Heart of the Dracolich was made by the Droomalith at the beginning of time to create coexistant planes through which Deities can be affected. It is made of the Primordial Power of the Old Ones as well as collaborative magic of both Mystra and Gond. It’s essence is the actual heart of the first great dragon which became the dracolich whose bones were used to construct the Island of Shimring. When it is placed in the Sacred Oval of Henge it reawakens the Dracolich, which strives to destroy the world in which it lives but is contained by the Droomalith until his pre-ordained quest is completed by the Chosen Ones. It is rumoured that if they fail in this quest then the Droomalith will be overpowered and the world of Droomalithia will be destroyed, dissipating the Primordial Power that holds the Old Ones within their Plane of Imprisonment. If the quest is completed, the power of the Droomalith swells and he overpowers the Dracolich, ripping the heart out from its ribcage so that it rests once more. At this time the Heart is replaced in Wyrmland and given a new Guardian and the Droomalith slumbers once more until called upon by the Lady of Pain in Sigil, if any great inbalance threatens the universe.


The Heart of the Dracolich appears as a gigantic ruby of the finest quality, about 6 inches in diameter. When the characters encounter it, it will be inside an eloborate chest of a strange material with a simple adamnatine clasp. Detect Magic cast on the chest will reveal potent Abjuration Magic. (Immune to fire, electricity, acid, cold, force, Open/Close, Knock, telkinesis, teleport). It has a break resistance of DC45 DR25 HP200. When the Heart is Activated, the box is destroyed. The clasp can be easily opened, and only when it is can the magic of the gem be detected.

Detect Magic will reveal an intense aura of powerful magic. Anybody using this spell must make a Fortitude Save DC20 or be blinded by an intensity of magical light for 1d4 hours. Identify will reveal only that it is an artifact. Spellcraft DC30 will reveal only that it radiates both Arcane and Divine Magic. Analyse Dweomer will reveal very strong transmutation, abjuration, enchantment, and divination but will not reveal any properties. A successful Commune spell will use up all questions to name one random property.

Activation of the Heart

The first character to touch the Heart of the Dracolich becomes the carrier. It immediately dissolves into the hand of the toucher, reappearing as a bulbous red crystalline obtrusion on the forehead. Only death will separate this. If death occurs, the ruby will appear next to the dead character. Certain properties will take effect immediately. It cannot be moved other than by direct flesh contact of a living being. Attempts to use gloves, tools or materials will fail. Undead creatures cannot touch or carry this item.

Carrier of the Heart

The carrier immediately becomes TRUE NEUTRAL (No Saving Throw) and remains this alignment until either death or separation from the artifact on the Island of Horus. (A cleric may still receive Divine spellpower as normal except that no Descriptor spells function, although the cleric wll be aware of this and may choose alternative spells.) The Character will also receive Telepathic Ability to the range of 200’ and will be immediately aware of this ability.

Influence of inherent Primordial Power

It cannot be removed from Droomalithia except through the Primordial Temple Conduits of Astaroth, Savandem, Grneekle and Horus, where it creates a co-existant plane with the plane entered into, such that the carrier and allies exist on simultaneous planes. Creatures encountered on these planes are able to touch, speak and communicate as though they were on the same plane. However, the carrier and allies exist on two planes, and are subject to effects of each plane. (See Astaroth, Savandem, Grneekle and Horus for the effects of Primordial Conduits). Destination Plane must be spoken or envisaged by the carrier.


  • The carrier can activate True Seeing(range: 120’)once per day.
  • Once per day, it may be used to exact a truthful statement from any creature – even a deity. (Range: 200’)
  • Telepathy 200’
  • Increase Initiative +5
  • Tongues – continuous, at will
  • Knowledge of Primordial Power Words: Astaroth, Savandem, Grneekle and Horus – each can be used three times in each place – once to enter, once to affect a deity and once to exit.
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    Heart of the Dracolich

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