Demon Quelling Bastard Sword

weapon (melee)

Large Intelligent +3 mithral evil outsider bane frost Mighty Cleaving Bastard Sword

  • I10 W16 Ch16 EGO:17 SAV:22 Align:NG Evil Outsider 5 (2d6), Frost (on command) 1d6, Telepathy 60’, Language: Common
  • Usable by large creatures or with Monkey Grip feat (Complete Warrior p103) or used at -2. Weilder should have Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard Sword or used at -4.
  • Moderate Conjuration and Evocation, CL10, Craft Arms & Armour, Summon Monster 1, Ice Storm, Divine Power, Price: 104 070GP, Weight 6lb
  • Any Non Good character who weilds the sword gains a negative level while held or touched.
  • Should a personality conflict occur, character makes a will save DC17. Failure means the item will be dominant for a period of 24hrs.
  • Saving Throws:
  • Unless the descriptive text for an effect specifies otherwise, all items carried or worn by a creature are assumed to survive a magical attack. A failure of Natural 1 demands that four random items must make saves. If weilding character is commanded or otherwise controlled and compelled to act against alignment, personality conflict will occur. (See RULES COMPENDIUM p112).
  • Bio:

    This blade was made by Frost Dwarves enslaved by Kostchtchie for the specific purpose of combatting demons. It was three years in the making and then all dwarves involved in its making were butchered to provide blood to quench its Mithral core.

    It was kept for some time in a small guardian outpost in the Iron Wastes of Rime Thuras, land of the Frost Giants, near to the Yggdrasil portal, on the 23rd layer of the abyss. It was used several times by Frost Giant followers of Kostchtchie against Succubi who sought to ensnare his dwarven slaves as spies.

    The sword was taken from the Frost Giants by the mighty warrior, Kerchenkov, who later bequeathed it to Vorlich, who used it in the expedition to the Demonweb Pits. When Vorlich died in the madness of Zelatar, his party took the blade and it was taken up by the Half Celestial Servant of Ra, Zahariel, who has held it until the time of this adventure.

    Made with a mithral blade wrapped in a winter wolf-hide scabbard and set with accents of amber and bloodstone at the pommel and crossguard.

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