Champion of the Heartland

Magical Blue Steel Blade with Adamantine Hilt and Obsidian Pommel.

weapon (melee)

Keen, Spell-Storing, Stone-Crafting Elf Bane Greatsword + 4

  • Keen blade – double critical threat range – 17-20
  • Elf Bane – + 2 extra bonus to attack v elves of all types and + 2d6 dmg
  • Spell Storing – stores one spell of up to Lev 3, which can be released as a free action with any successful hit. (CL 10)
  • Stone Crafting – 1/day can be used as Stone Shape CL10 (20 cubic feet)
  • Light on Command – As Light spell CL10 20’R + 20’ dim (100 min)

    STATS: Attk + 4 (+ 6 v Elves) Dmg 2d6 (+ 2d6 v Elves), 8 lb, Slashing, Crit: 17-20/x2 Value: 43 000 GP CL: 10
  • Bio:

    Given to Talia Karmylis by The Assembly of Stars for services rendered in the defence of Turmish, the Heartland of the Reach, the origins of the blade are unknown but it is thought to have been made by dwarves dedicated to Gond, at a time of war with the Elves. It came into the possession of the Assembly of Stars through a private benefactor and had been kept in storage for several years before being gifted to the Duskblade Talia.

    Champion of the Heartland

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