The Vigilant Bow

weapon (ranged)

+3 Strength Adjusting Chaotic and Evil Outsider Bane Composite Longbow_

  • _(Non Legacy Stats: +1 Composite Longbow
  • Present Legacy Stats at Weilder Level 14:

  • -2 Attk Penalty, -2 Reflex Save, 3 Chaotic Evil Outsider Bane
  • Sense Demons – 60’ as Detect Evil CL5
  • Relative Strength Adjustment – up to +4
  • Obstruct Summoning, Lesser (Su) – Lev 10 or less evil outsiders cannot summon within 60’ (1 use daily)

  • At 16th Level: * Plus 4 Weapon* but lose 2HP
  • At 17th Level; Obstruct Summoning (Su) – No evil outsiders may summon within 60’ regardless of HD
  • At 18th Level: Banishment (Sp) – Can force extraplanar creatures out of your home plane once per day with a command word: DC20 or 17
  • Cha mod, whichever is higher
  • At 19th Level: Plane Shift once per day – only willing creatures.
  • Item Save: +19

  • Bio:

    Shaped from the great rack of a massive white stag’s antlers, this longbow feels comfortable and warm, as if shaped to the hand of the person holding it by regular use. In springtime, soft velvet covers the bow, as if it were still part of a living stag. As the year progresses, the velvety coating rubs of flakes off, exposing the roughly textured horn beneath.

    Made by Anastrianna Amakiir, an Elven Druid Marshall of the Beastlands to fight off invasions into the beastlands by demons. Thaas, meaning “The Vigilant Bow” embodied the Forest Hart’s purities and willingness to sacrifice everything to oppose demons.

    The bow was placed in a hallowed place in the Beastlands and was claimed by the elven ranger rogue, Grunthy in his party’s bid to thwart the evil machinations of Lolth and Gra’azt attempting to bind a Council of Demons. The Council was broken and Grunty holds Thaas to this day, though it is said upon his death the bow will magically appear once more in its small island home on the Island of the White Hart in the Beastlands.

    Legacies already completed by Grunty include: Against the Demons (Knowingly and willingly entering encounter of evil subtypes of higher level than wielder), Return to Nature (Taking Thaas back to the Sacred Space on the Island of the Forest Hart to receive its spirit blessing.), and The Best Defence – (Travelling to the abyss and fighting demons for at least a period of 24 hours.)

  • For Further Details see DWP p182

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