Sir Keoghen

Human Paladin from Faerun in the service of Torm


Human Paladin of Torm 13, Lord of Faerun

  • Str 16; Dex 11; Con 16; Int 14; Wis 20; Cha 18

  • HP127; AC25; T12; FF25; Sav: F+13; R+6; W+11 Initiative: 0

  • BAB: +13; GRP +16; MELEE: +2 Longsword +19/
  • 14 9 Greatsword (1d85 plus 2d6 v Evil); RANGE: 13/8/3; FEATS: Endurance, Weapon Focus (longsword), Mounted Combat, Great Fortitude, Power Attack
  • SKILLS: Concentration
  • 7 Diplomacy+14 Handle Animals+9 Heal+12 Knowledge Nobility+7 Knowledge History+7 Knowledge Local (Faerun)3 Knowledge Nature3 Knowledge Planes+12 Listen+5 Perform Oratory+6 Perform Sing+5 Profession (guide)6 Profession (herbalist)7 Sense Motive+10 Spot+11 Use Magic Device+5

  • SPECIAL ABILITIES: Aura of Good, Detect Evil, Smite Evil, Divine Grace, Lay on Hands, Aura of Courage, Divine Health, Turn Undead, Special Mount, Remove Disease

  • GEAR: Full Plate+2, Heavy Steel Shield+1, Holy Longsword+2, Greatsword+2, Dagger+2, Ring of Protection+2, Bag of Holding Type 2, Oil of Bless Weapon, Potions: Lesser Restoration, Cure Mod Wounds, Cure Ser Wounds, Haste, Levitate, Lance

  • COMPANIONS: Warhorse and war pony.
  • Bio:

    Joined with party as part of a mission from his Church – sent to Humbart (Hound Archon of the Tower of the Prophet) and offered as help to the party on their divine mission.

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    Sir Keoghen

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