Simon Switchblade

Fuzzy haired gnome cousin of Ahab Wrenchfree from Waterdeep


Simon Switchblade has good quality garments and is obviously not short of a few bob. He is usually dressed in courting clothes but on outings dresses in light leather armour and is armed with a magical hammer and a short bow. He is related to Ahab through Ahab’s mother, Semilia Switchblade.

Although he is family of Ahab Wrenchfree, he is also foreign to Lantan and seems very interested in all that Ahab’s guests have to tell of themselves. He is fabled master of Gnomish Hammer and carries a small ornate hammer with him at all times, as well as a composite Short Bow, which he will leave at the door when he is invited to dinner parties.


Simon is in the business of printing metal and has a contract with the Royal Mint of Waterdeep.
He is in Lantan, not only to visit his cousin, but also to pick up some gears and essential parts for his metal printing machines from Dryclutch Makeshift.

His cousin Ahab jokes that he was ever the scoundrel and the rogue, the black sheep of the Wrenchfree family extension. Simon jokes back that his cousin is just jealous because Ahab only collects wealth, whereas Simon actually manufactures it.

Simon Switchblade

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