Salia Hermfold

Salia Hermfold, High Priestess of Mystra in Sambar


Salia Hermfold is a young and vibrant priestess, who is very in touch with the common people of Sambar and can often be seen strolling through the markets and streets when she is not administering from her small Church in the North of the city.

She is quite tall, with bright auburn hair and an entourage of young priests to tend to her every need. Although she spends much of her day either working at her church or walking about the city, she is also quite a socialite and by night may often be found at dinner parties of the well-to-do, where she literally seduces people into support of the Church of Mystra.

She will very rarely don armour or weapons, usually only doing so on official occasions to do with matters of State.


Salia has risen high in the ranks of her Church due in part to her high charisma but also due to the fact that the people in Lantan are becoming more and more superstitious, looking for signs and portents in almost every natural phenomenon. The official stance of the majority church of Gond is that such things are without merit, so the Church of Mystra is being more open, conducting more Divinations, and supporting both ancient legends and the Mad Seers of the City, who move around ranting and raving.

Salia Hermfold

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