Priestess Hermione

Priestess of Boccob in charge of Scroll Sales


Priestess Hermione of Boccob is a well-known and popular figure in Greyhawk, especially among travellers and adventurers. If anyone asks about where to secure items or scrolls of Divine Magic, they will usually recommend her. Although she is resident in the Church of Boccob, she will often be out and around the city, in taverns and in the city square, hawking her wares. For it is her special portfolio to bring extra money to the Church of Boccob through the sale of Divine Magic scrolls and items.

She is both beautiful and of a good disposition, but she can also be stern and does not like anyone trying to swindle the church. Haggling, she understands, but when she draws the line, she does not cross it.

Priestess Hermione

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