Mysore Flatnose

Gnome Sheriff of Sambar in Lantan


Sheriff Mysore Flatnose is a well-dressed, well-mannered gnome who runs a tight ship from the Sheriff Office in Market Square. For anyone trying to see him, if they are not aristocratics, influential or from the Town Council, he is “always busy” and will send a Captain in his stead.

He is rarely seen outside the Sheriff’s Office unless he is at the Town Hall. He has a reputation for being gruff and rather harsh.


The Sheriff is an upper middle class gnome who has risen through the ranks of the militia through both guile and prowess. He is not so much liked as respected and most of his workforce find him quite intimidating.

He is reputed to be an accomplished fighter and even a bit of a rogue. He manages to keep his nose clean in public although there are rumours that he is a bit of a gambler.

Mysore Flatnose

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