Powerful archmage of the Flaenness, presently residing in the Secret Library of the Guild of Wizardry


Mordenkainen has followed Zagig for many years and has been part of the history of Greyhawk for over 40 years. He is an arch enemy of Iuz. He knows something of the plight of the player characters and that it has been decreed they will open the way to the Underpassages of the Tower of Magic and that they will be instrumental in the combat against Iuz.


The Questors met with Mordenkainen soon after they entered the City of Greyhawk through the Primordial Temple of Astaroth. Under advice from the Exarch of Bahamut, they met with Tirra, Master Thief of the River Quarter of the city, who had arranged a way for the party to enter the Ziggaurat of the Guild of Wizards and obtain the Obsidian Key needed to open up the way to the lower dungeons under the Tower of Magic.

Retrieval of this key seemed not to difficult and it was almost as if Mordenkainen was expecting the party when they entered the secret chamber of Zagig Yragerne. Mordenkainen gave the party the key on condition that they would inform the citizens of Greyhawk of an artifact named The Orb of Opposition. Mordenkainen asked that they inform those who followed them, to find the Orb and touch it to Bilarro’s skin.

Mordenkainen also returned to petrified form of Tippit to flesh and gave the party a rough map of the underground dungeons of Greyhawk.


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