Mathilda Wrenchfree

Gnomish Aristocrat of Sambar, wife of Ahab Wrenchfree


Mathilda is the loving and supportive wife of Ahab Wrenchfree, one of the most powerful people in Lantan. She is a busy socialite and is responsible for the smooth running of most of Ahab’s dinner parties. She is quite a bit younger than Ahab but is quite used to the life of the priveledged, having been born into another of the rich families of Lantan.


She will often be seen visiting new businesses in the city and is usually always asked to launch any new ships commissioned into the Lantan merchant navy. If she has to travel to other parts of the city she will usually be in a carriage that is guarded by at least four members of the Sambar militia.

She is a warm and friendly person and her culinary skills are reknowned throughout the upper classes of Lantan. An invitation to dinner at the Wrenchfrees is usually worth cancelling all other engagements.

She has excellent relationships with both the established Church of Nebelun and the rising Church of Mystra, but she also takes an interest in the other faiths and will often attend special ceremonies on request.

Mathilda Wrenchfree

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