Lord St John Smythe

Human Commander of Sambar in Lantan


Lord St John Smythe is the High Lord Commander of the Militia and is also a member of the town council of Sambar. He is the ultimate authority in Sambar for all things military, including the Navy. He reports directly to the Gnomeking in Sundrah. He is not a public man and will very rarely be seen out of his office, which is situated in the Town Hall. He lives in the well-to-do aristocratic area in the South East of Sambar but is not a frequenter of many dinner parties unless he has to attend in an offical capacity.


It is almost impossible for a commoner to see St John Smythe unless an appointment has been arranged at least a week in advance through the correct channels in the Town Hall or unless requested by either the Sheriff or one of the Town Council members.

Lord St John Smythe

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