Killiyak Gurettna

Githzerai wizard from The Hive looking very much like Rule-of-Three, but no relation.


HP39 HD15 AC17 T13 F14 SAVES: F+4 R+6 W+8 CR15 S12 D16 C11 I15 W9 Ch8

  • MELEE: +7 Dagger (1d4+3); RANGE: +2 comp shortbow +9 (1d6+2) and Spells SKILLS: Spot+14 Search+12 Listen+12 Concentration+16 Move Silently+9 Spellcraft+12 Use Rope+6; FEATS: Combat Casting, Eshew Materials, Silent Spell, Still Spell.
  • SPELLS: The only spells he has learned at the moment are Close Portal, Analyse Portal, Knock, Unseen Servant, Identify, Detect Magic, Read Magic and Light
  • GEAR: +2 Dagger, +2 Composite Short Bow, and a few other items – At home: Scroll of Passwall
  • Bio:

    The party saved Killiyak Gurettna from a group of Githyanki warriors and almost certainly saved his life. By way of thanks, he invited them to his house, where his wife, a Researcher for wealthy scholars, cooked a hearty meal for the saviours. Killiyak also gave the party a magical scroll (Passwall). He should be a friendly face to turn to in later times.

    Killiyak Gurettna has lived in Sigil for most of his life. He gets on well with most of his peers and likes to keep out of trouble. He takes on odd wizard jobs, usually found by his wife, Elliya, a notable researcher in Sigil. He tries to keep out of the Gith wars and therefore usually avoids places with Githzerai and Githyanki.

    Killiyak Gurettna

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