Gerald Scarfe

Neutral Good mushroom farmer that lives with his three sons, Warrum, Kamfi and Tarratin, in the House on the Hill in the Valley of Divine Light.


HP60 HD15 BAB+11 GRP+13 F+5 R+5 W+9 S16 D16 C14 I11 W17 Ch16 Init+3 MELEE: 5 Mithral Holy Bastard Sword +21/17/12(1d1010) FEATS: Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Specialisation and various farming feats; SKILLS: Survival+13 Sense Motive+13 Spot+10 Search+13 Craft 10 Diplomacy5 Listen+11 Spellcraft+12 Ride+7 Swim+5

  • GEAR: +5 Mithral Holy Bastard Sword, Gem of Dying Wish, CLW, ; If threatened, he will fight fiercely to protect his family, home and way of life.
  • Three sons – Warrum, Kamfi and Tarratin: HP60 HD10 Fighter BAB+10 GRP+12 F+7 R+3 W+3 S16 D13 C15 I10 W13 Ch11 Init+1 MELEE: Mwk Mithril Bastard Sword 14/9 (1d10+3) FEATS: Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Specialisation and various farming feats; SKILLS: Survival+18 Sense Motive+18 Spot+18 Search+10 Craft tools+18 Diplomacy+15 Listen+11 Escape Artist+7 Ride+7 Swim+10; GEAR: Mwk Silver Bastard Sword, CLW, Bear’s Endurance Potion, Bull’s Strength Potion

  • Bio:

    Gerald Scarfe and his three sons, Warrum, Kamfi and Tarratin live in the House on the Hill in the Valley of Divine Light (Room 2 of the Demonweb section). He and his three sons are happy, hardworking sould who have lived here for 2 500 years, although they do not count time. They are devout followers of Correlan Larethian and do not ever venture beyond the valley because they believe that everything outside is wicked and nasty.

  • The four elves are friendly and will easily grant rest and refreshment to any NON EVIL people that visit them. They do this in return for only tales of the world beyond. (They do not believe everything they hear but they LOVE a good story).

    Although they have received less and less visitors in recent years, they will speak highly of the drow named Nimrod Zamminor, who is about the only person that still visits them, although, even they have not seen him for a few months now. He was the last one to bring them news of the outside, and they believe that most of Eilistraee’s followers, who used to visit them are now gone elsewhere.

    They are all expert farmers but the sons are also experts in their own right. Warrum is a carpenter and can make any non magical object out of wood. Kamfi is a smith and can make any non-complex things out of metal. (They have an array of useful items, including many weapons, and will willingly sell these for the going rate). Tarratin is an apothecary and can make many useful liquids out of his varied mushroom conconctions, including CLW, Bear’s Endurance, Bull’s Strength, Cat’s Grace, Eagle’s Splendour and Owl’s Wisdom, all of which they will sell for 100GP each. (The money is used for trading and is kept in a secret vault under the house.)

    All three sons are Level 10 fighters and will fight fiercely to protect their home, family and way of life.

    Gerald and his sons remained faithful to Corellon Larethian to the end and this faith was rewarded. As Gossamer crumbled, the whole demiplane they existed in was shifted to Arborea and the four elves were spared the terrible drop into the Demonweb Pits.

  • Gerald Scarfe

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