Errol Lyn zan Khanderai

Drow warrrior with Lolth Insignia on a mission from Mezzobaranzan


HP36 HD4 AC21 T13 F18 SAVES: F+7 R+4 W+6 CR5 S15 D17 C12 I16 W13 Ch13 SR 15

  • MELEE: Rapier 7 (1d62); RANGE: Hand Crossbow 8 (1d4sleep); SKILLS: Spot+7 Search+7 ride+9 Listen+6 Concentration+3 Intimidate+8; FEATS: Blind Fighting, Dodge, Combat Reflexes, Greater Fortification.
  • GEAR: +1 Breastplate, +1 Light Steel Shield, Mwk Rapier, Mwk hand crossbow, 12 bolts, 100GP and a letter.
  • Bio:

    Errol Lyn zan Khanderai – innocent passer by Drow Warrior is on a mission from Mezzobaranzan in Faerun. He is part of a guard company that has been sent from Faerun to Sigil guarding a powerful Wizard and Cleric who have been sent by Archmage Gromph on some secret mission that he knows nothing about. He has been in Sigil for two weeks and today on his day off he was told to scout around and get an idea of some of the lesser streets and back alleys. The entourage is staying in the private home of a Cleric of Lolth in the Lady’s Ward. He knows that the house is well guarded by Drow, Demons, magic and traps, but knows nothing else of the mission.

    The Questors passed Errol Lyn zan Khanderai on their way to an encounter with Githyanki. They did not engage with him, and he walked past them into the streets of Sigil.

    Errol Lyn zan Khanderai

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