Dryclutch Makeshifter

A wealthy Gnomish Locksmith from Sambar


Dryclutch Makeshifter is a small industrious looking bespectacled gnome, well respected in the City. He is rather small, even for a gnome, and quite eccentric. Although he has a reputable business and is well known as the best locksmith south of Moonshae, he is also reknowned for his continual inventions and often has exhibitions of his craftmanship at wealthy noble houses.


He lives in the Parkland area to the South East of the City of Lantan but runs a shop and factory in the centre near the Town Hall. He has many employees as the locks and gears of Makeshift are sought after throughout the world and many tradesmen from different lands come to Sambar to buy them. Although he used to be a very “hands on” businessman, he now leaves most of the running of his company to his two manager sons, Sprocket and Locket, while he concentrates more on his outlandish inventions.

Dryclutch Makeshifter

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