Divinity Scent

Solar of Horus and Prime Herald of the Droomalith


HP250 HD22d8+110 CR25 S28 D20 C20 I23 W25 Ch25 F+22 R+18 W+20 SR 32 Mv50’ Fly150’ Init+10

  • SPECIAL: DR15/Evil and Epic, Immunities: Cold, Acid, Petrification. Resistance 10 (fire and electric), Regeneration 15, Tongues, Telepathy, Darkvision 60’, Low Light Vision, Protective Aura+4; All Clerical Spells at CL20 (DC24 for Lev 9) all quickened and performed simultaneously with Melee Attack: Longsword Good Intelligent Divine Dancing Vorpal + 5 Attack + 40/+ 35/+ 30/+ 25 (3d6+ 20 plus 2d6 v good, 2d6 v evil, 2d6 smite once per round)
  • SKILLS: All Skills+ 30; FEATS: Cleave, Dodge, Greater Cleave, Supreme Cleave, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Mobility, Power Attack, Track
  • SPELLS: Any from Clerical List
  • Bio:

    Divinity Scent is the Prime Herald of the Droomalith on Horus. She will appear to the party to congratulate them on their progress so far and explain the story behind their adventure thus far. She carries a +5 Divine Dancing Vorpal Longsword that radiates light and visible power. She is in most respects similar to a standard Solar but is True Neutral and can cast any Clerical Spell (CL20)at will (2 at a time) while still performing her standard combat actions.

    See Player Aid H1

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    Divinity Scent

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