Elven rogue visitor to Tirra, Master Thief of the River Quarter in the City of Greyhawk


Belthus was seen visiting the house of Tirra, Master Thief of the River Quarter in the City of Greyhawk. He visited in the dead of night but the sword Daquis was aware of him and able to remember the conversation between him and Tirra. It is not known what he looks like but Daquis said the voice “sounded” Elven.

TIRRA: Belthus, you should not be here.

  • BELTHUS: My Lady, the Master requests it. He seeks to know your progress.
  • TIRRA: Tell him it is good. They have the key. Tell my Master that I think Mordenkainen himself gave them this thing.
  • BELTHUS: My Lady, you know we do not deal with the Guild of Wizards.
  • TIRRA: You know the Prophecy. The Travellers take priority over all else. Report to Priest Colliston White. Tell him I have provided all he asks. I await the Questors to move of their own accord. But they are weary. They may rest here awhile.
  • BELTHUS: Have they all been tagged?
  • TIRRA: Your spies shall not lose them. But do not follow them directly. It has been decreed they must meet Grandfather Magic by themselves.
  • BELTHUS: Understood, Milady! May Pelor bless you!
  • Belthus

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