Ahab Wrenchfree

Aristocratic Gnome of Sambar, cousin to Jezrab Flinchal


Ahab Wrenchfree is one of the wealthiest people in Sambar, and indeed Lantan. Although the gnomes of Lantan do not use titles of Nobility, in any other city of Faerun, he would be called a baron and some of his workers and servants refer to him affectionately as “The Guv’nor”. He is of mature appearance and is always splendidly dressed. In Lantan, he is well known and respected as a supporter of the Arts, a sponsor of the powerful merchant navy and a respected member of the City Council.


Ahab has money invested in many schemes throughout Lantan, although does not himself work in any of his business ventures, preferring to take a large percentage of profits and leave the administration up to his many administrators. Because of this, he takes his position as member of the Town Council very seriously and spends many days at the Courts.

However, he is not a champion of the poor, and does most of his “good deeds” by arranging high class dinner parties and persuading prominent members of society to “do their bit.” He is happily married to Mathilda Wrenchfree but they have no children. There is much speculation in Sambar as to what will happen to the Wrenchfree millions when Ahab passes away.

Ahab Wrenchfree

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