Floating Servants of the Lady of Pain in Sigil dedicated to wellbeing of the city


The Dabus are tall humanoids that tend constantly to the city of Sigil, repairing broken and derelict building and helping to keep order. They answer only to The Lady of Pain and speak using a language of visual symbols or by using telepathy.

Init: +3 AC13 T13 F10 HP22 (4HD) Immune to spells that affect surfaces or flight

S11, D16, C12, I12, W14, Ch14 SAVES: F+5, R+4, W+3 Speed 30’

Melee: LONGSWORD +3(1d8/19-20), HAMMER +3(1D6), Ranged: HAND AXE +3 (1d6); BAB+3, GRP+3

Space 5’, Reach 5’; spell like abilities: CHANGE SELF (At will)

FEATS: Alertness, Skill Focus (Disable Device); SKILLS: Concentration+3, Craft (any)+8, Disable Device+7, Knowledge (Planes)+4, Listen+7, Spot+7

FLOATING FORM: Dabus never stand on the ground. They neither fly nor walk, but use a unique movement moe somewhere in between the two. Thus, they are immune to magic that affects the surface beneath them as well as spells that would affect flying creatures. A TRANSMUTE ROCK TO MUD or GREASE spell doesn’t affect them because the ydo not touch the ground, and a GUST OF WIND spell does not send them spinning out of control.


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