Imbamo Bama

Shamanic Cleric of the village of Denn in Wyrmland


Imbamo Bama is the Shamanic leader of the people of Denn. For all his ignorance of the outer universe, he is not a stupid man. In fact he is quite knowledgeable, having paid attention to his sires’ stories and legends, and through high gather information skills, and frequent divinations he knows more than any of his followers. He even speaks a bit of common which he believes is an ancient language passed down by his sires and used as a secret clerical language.

He has a velociraptor familiar which he has nurtured since juvenile stage and which stays with him constantly. (It will obviously guard him if he is in any trouble.)


The villagers of Denn believe they are blessed by Bahamut in that they are not food for the mighty dragons of the world. They have their own Dragon Ward, Kapeski, who is sent by Bahamut to protect them but in return for this protection they must pay tribute in pearls, which they dive for, jewels which they look for when roaming the land, and occasional humans (usually offered annually). Those humans sent as tribute to Kapeski are considered “dead” by the tribe and are not mourned after their departure.

Imbamo Bama

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