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Changing Faces

In the summer of 1374 Silverymoon in Faerun was under threat from the servants of Lolth. It became known that Lolth’s high priestess, Eclavdra Eilserv, was preparing to attack the Silver Marshes by using Lolth’s power to draw a portion of the land, including the City of Silverymoon, into the Demonweb.

A small party was sent by Lady Alustriel to investigate and if possible foil these plans. They destroyed the magic image of Silverymoon in the Fane of Eclavdra but, while they were adventuring, heard of a much more far reaching threat being hatched whereby a Council of Demons was to be signed and bound by the Divine Spark of Lolth. How the party thwarted this plot can be read about in the summary Previous expedition to the Demonweb Pits .

Surviving members of the party were all honoured by Queen Alustriel and given lands and titles near to Silverymoon. The expedition, based in Sigil, was such a monumental event that the group vowed that in 10 years time they would all return to Sigil to celebrate and to honour the Tower of the Prophet where they first received Divine Guidance.

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