Campaign of the Month: August 2012




After the Final Quest of Shimring the Questors who had completed the journey were each granted a wish and transported to wherever they wanted to be to live out their lives.

Wishes Granted by Ra:

Forge: “To have Gojira restored.” [GRANTED]
Baris: “To have Intelligence increased.” [add + 1 INT]
Pelius: “To have Wisdom increased.” [add + 2 WIS] (Ra/Pelor is Pelius’s God)
Faren: “To have Charisma increased.” [add + 1 CHA]
Aibron: “To have better movement.” [GRANTED WINGS!] (Ra/Pelor is Aibron’s God)
Talia: “To have Intelligence increased.” [add + 1 INT]

Accounts of the hereafter.

To find out what happened to the Champion Questors after Shimring, go Beyond Shimring to read accounts of some of the player characters!

Eye of horus monochrome

The Final Curtain

Divinia scent

Using their newly acquired Carpet of Flying to cross the sea to the Isle of Horus, the Shimring Questors, having completed three Divine Tasks in three different planes, met with the Guardian of Horus, the Prime Solar of the Droomalith, Divinia Scent.

Astral Lullabyes

In a fortified tower in the Astral Plane, many years after the fabled Earthquest of Shimring the venerable Astral Stalker sorcerer, SCHNEFFRAK, plays out the end of his long life by telling stories of his hunting adventures to his attentive grandchildren.

Death slaad

“I shall finish telling you about the time I travelled to Shimring and how I escaped from the dreaded Death Slaadi of Olidammara…



In the final rounds of the battle in the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration, the Questors fight against the remaining six drow for possession of the sacred relic, THE CLIP OF GOND.

Night of the Museum

Drow in battle

At midnight two stars collide causing a bright flash in the night sky that creates a light brighter than the moon.

Inside the High Holy Crafthouse

Player aid l2  high holy crafthouse of inspiration








Scrawled notes of a Bard...


There’s more to me than just morale I assure you! I will be the final recorder of the events that unfold around us.
Gods, abominations, Lantan tea. All these notes to sift, file and keep. Then to knock them into an epic, could take years.

The Cleric persona will need some work – needs more compassion if people are to LIKE him.
The Thief… Human interest angle – his ‘romance’ with the fair maiden! Torn between love and destiny – keep the ladies happy.
The Fighter will require an eloquence graft, perhaps an anti-hero? Fatalist battle cries? (“My loyalties will be the death of me…”) Brooding enough for the warrior classes.
The ‘Man- Machine’ Hmmmm…. Alliterative. Perhaps something the children will like – a funny metallic voice perhaps?
Then we have our ‘local hero’ – a distinctive battlecry? Loyal to a fault possibly? Tragic ending? One for the dreamers. We shall see.

Might need to write at least one of these out of it – a composite character? Merge which two of these?

Oh and then there’s me. Well of course there were times when they all came close to cracking and I strum in to restore morale, distract the beastie or silence it. Yes, and of course the Cleric has his doubts, the thief needed advice to woo the maid, the fighter confided on the eve of his final battle (now that’s a keep!), the man-machine puzzled his essential ‘humanity’ with me and our local hero should have a companion to go off and see the world (a sequel!).

Yes. It’s all coming together nicely. For history, posterity. Just need to survive the whole experience.

- Scrawled notes of Faren

Every Move You Make....

Simon switchblade

Final Report of Slick Jumper to the Dark Hills Guild:

This is my last missive concerning the SAMBAR CASE.



In the graveyard are five bodies. Three gnomes and two humans. They are not entombed or peacefully at rest. They are recently living beings who have become become victims of a terrible deadly ordeal. This is AS NOTHING for the Shimring Questors, so they march bravely in.

Magical Mystery Tour

High holy crafthouse2

On the way home the party is attacked by two Balhannoths – huge hulking creatures with many tentacles and slavering mouths full of jagged, ripping teeth.