Campaign of the Month: August 2012


Where there's a will there's a way...

Barbed devil








With the party united, interrogation of the prisoner begins. Tippit offers some bleak alternatives and Falek tries to use feigned friendship but Balaik Troistan, self confessed Marshall of the army of Genreral At-Ur is unmoved and Jezrab Flinchal suggests the use of magic, None of his Charm spells are effective so he starts singing. It is such an emotive song that the Marshall is totally fascinated and Jezrab begins to contemplate suggestions, but just at that time the noise of clinking armour is heard and the Sorcerer, Tippit and Grunthy ready themselves for action, Grunthy fires an arrow into the shoulder of one of the emerging Greyhawk troops and the voice of Captain Starlet pleads with the Questors to desist from further damage.

While Pelius talks to the priests, Jezrab and newcomer, Kane the Traveller check out the portal and decide to enter. The party spend some time handing over the Obisidian Key and other important information to the Greyhawk force but when Sir Keoghen and the others discover that the gnome and the monk have left, they follow, entering the Halls of Beckoning to find that Jezrab and Traveller have found them a restroom. After a few minutes of rest, they are rudely interrupted by a Devil knocking on the door.

The party, apart from Falek, who is lying on the floor recouperating from wounds and exhaustion, attack with all their might. Pelius is grappled and life begins to seap out from him, but just before he expires, he touches the Barbed Devil with a mighty Harm spell and the Devil falls like a sack of potatoes before it can utter the name of the Devil it intends to summon.

The party are now in the Halls of Beckoning but they are both tired and spent and it seems that sleep or rest is not even an option!


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