Campaign of the Month: August 2012


What's the Story? Morning Glory!

With effects from the vanquised Gauth still weighing heavily on the Questors, they are quite litereally stunned when they bump into a rogue Illithid. With Grunthy, Falek Grange and Sir Keoghen all stunned it falls on the spell users Pelius and Tippit to prevent horrid brain suction, with the musical moral support of Jezrab Flinchal and his powerful emotive songs. Things are looking desperate as spells fail and tentacles flail, but in the nick of time, one of Tippit’s Feeblemind spells takes effect and with the mindflayer unable to escape, the group act as one to despatch him to the dark netherworlds of existence.

Without wasting any time or even stopping for second breakfast, the group forge on into a hot smoky room filled by enslaved Verbeeg golem builders. A primordial power effect creates a bubble of chaotic energy and Falek falls to the ground with a massive surge of Divine Energy that informs him of a new party companion – Kane, the Traveller. Straightaway he proves his worth as he flies in to engage the Efreet that seems to be controlling the giant golem builders. However, the Efreet moves, and would do serious damage but for the critical arrow from Grunthy that slays him.

As the party mobilize to defeat the remaining Verbeegs, they begin to realise that another is firing arrows from the door behind. Pelius, flying past the door, shoots a Sunbeam into the man’s eye. The sunbeam seems to blind the Soldier, but he closes the door and magically pulls the last of his Verbeeg followers inside. By the time the party can get through the door and kill the Verbeegs, the Marshall is gone.

A secret passage is found, and while some of the party track down the blinded warlord to a room guarded by a demoness pretending to be an elven princess, Falek, Keoghen and Jezrab investigate an alternative exit and set off a gas trap but manage to bypass the threat with Dimension Door, only to discover a new enemy – a giant axe-throwing Formorian named Mashface. After succumbing to some mighty blows, Falek, on his last legs, makes a sword thrust worthy of the greatest Dusk Covenant blade masters of Faerun and fells the giant in one great arc of his mighty arm.

Returning to the War Room both groups meet up with joyous news – a glorious victory over a powerful giant and a captive Marshall, firmly grappled and ripe for questioning. Where will they go from here?








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Sounds like a pretty epic session! My party just went up against a Formorian and nearly got smashed to bits as well. And will some one please tell me why it is that demons always go for the sultry elf princess guise? I mean seriously, that must lead to some real trust issues in interpersonal relationships with elf maidens.


What's the Story? Morning Glory!
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