Campaign of the Month: August 2012


Tough Times in the Armoury









  • When Darkness is dispelled a large area can be seen populated by Undead Drow warriors, a Neo Priest, a Drow Captain and a Marilith.
  • Traveller and Baris head straight for the Marilith and bloody carnage ends with the death of the Marilith. But a Shadow Demon is also present. Moving through the Marilith’s Blade Barrier, the demon attacks Aibron, then leaves to help the Marilith. Too late!
  • The Shadow Demon drops into the floor and Baris runs for cover but succumbs to Drow poison and falls unconscious.
  • Aibron and Keoghen engage the drow captain, as a spectacular rescue attempt is attempted by the Questors to save Baris from death at the hands of the Drow. Jezrab casts a wall of force around him while Traveller flies over to him and picks him up.
  • The Darkness reappears and everyone in the area starts taking Vile Damage as they battle the Drow and wonder where the Shadow Demon is.
    Quintine and Jezrab manage to dispel both the Darkness and the Blade Barrier and Aibron and Keoghen down the captain while Tippit wears down the Drow warriors with his Chain Lightning.
  • The darkness returns and with Vile Damage mounting, the Questors decide to flee the room.
    Jumping through the Portal, they immediately realise that Aibron is not with them. Jezrab informs his friends that he thinks Aibron is possessed, as the usually noble fighter had just tried to attack him.
  • Quickly regrouping, the Questors return to the scene to save Aibron. They kill the four remaining Drow and Traveller and Keoghen manage to grapple Aibron in the darkness and pull him towards the portal. They arrive back in the Great Hall with Aibron himself once more, but all of the party are suffering heavily from Vile Damage. They make towards the Valley of Divine Light hoping to rest and replenish their strength before deciding what to do next.
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