Campaign of the Month: August 2012


Through the eye of the beholder: an owl's perspective









Towitt-towoo! If I could speak (which I can’t) I might record what deeds my party accomplished on their entry to the Ziggaurat of the Guild of Wizardry in the legendary city of Greyhawk. I might tell how we exited the refuge bottle after a very comfortable six hours, all members wearing the wizard robes lent by Tirra the rogue. If I could, I would relate details how they entered a corridor, conversed with some disinterested wizards busy containing a demon, and of how they quickly found the door to the library and entered.

The room was large and full of many racks of shelves. As the group started looking through different parts of the room, I noticed how the magical light changed every few seconds and if I had had the intelligence, I may have been able to deduce something from this, but could not. Tiwoo!

As it turns out, the library was guarded by a beholder. I might tell, if I could, how this monster played a dangerous game of hide and seek among the shelves, appearing and attacking party members separately. I might tell of how poor Tippit was turned to stone, but my favourite thing would be to relate the way we eventually ganged up on this beast and chopped it to pieces like a mouse between talon and beak.

Towitt! How I would love to tell you of how we found the way to the secret room in the hidden book, how we entered that room of many coloured pillars and how poor Grunthy became deafened in the way to the true path. I would tell of the climbing up the secret passage, the meeting with the great Mordenkainen and how he gave us both the obsidian key and a flesh and blood Tippit restored to us, with the only condition that we inform the people of the city and alert them to the Orb of Opposition.

Tiwoo! How I would love to relate the battle against the great demon, that had escaped and destroyed its wizard captors. I would tell of its great stench and its abhorrent language, but I would also rejoice in the telling of our party’s victory and how we returned safely through means of the ancient Refuge Bottle to Tirra, who had ordered much needed supplies and introduced us to Priestess Hermione of the House of Gaga, a servant of Mystra, able to help us acquire what we all needed. Well, I say all. Actually, all I required was a fresh mouse, but I found that myself and it was delicious! Towitt-towoo!


The question I’m asking myself is, did that beholder become an owl pellet?


It certainly didn’t last long!

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