Campaign of the Month: August 2012


The Shadow Key

Deriath fogbane

After two days of rest and recuperation in the cave known to Nimrod Zamminor, the party gain the information they need from Angus Og, using the Orb of Celierre, and set out for the tower of the lich, Deriath Fogbane, in search of the Key to the Room of Dark Seclusion.Og had told them that he had hidden the key within the head of a statue in that place.

Arriving at the area, the party cross a bottomless ravine, with Nimrod and Pelius taking some damage from buffeting while flying across. Baris fails to find an invisible trap at the door but does not succumb to the poison in the contraption. On his next attempt, he opens it and the party moves as silently as they can (i.e. quite noisily) into the entrance chamber.

Ignoring the doors straight ahead, they climb up the stairs and while opening a trapdoor are attacked by four shadowy forms. As they move forward the room is plunged into a deep darkness that inflicts intense pain on the Questors. Tippit dispels the darkness in time to see that the shadows have moved in to attack. Two shadow demons and two greater shadows. Nimrod jumps down to the level below to engage with one shadow demon while Baris the Black takes on the other, and Pelius destroys the shadows. Aibron Torromson runs down the stairs and together he and Nimrod destroy one shadow demon, while Baris kills the other.

The party find nothing but shadows in the upper rooms but travelling back down in search of the statue, they are assailed by four more shadows and the lich, Deriath Fogbane, floating in the air of the chamber. The Radiant Servant of Pelor easily despatches the shadows and both Tippit and Baris fly in to attack the lich. He only has time to cast one spell before being hit by Tippit’s disintegrate ray. His attempted restorative action is not enough to prevent Tippit’s second disintergrate ray, and his dead body crumbls to nothing, leaving only a few magical items and a circlet with a phylactery.

The phylactery is destroyed, Angus Og released and the Key they were looking for retrieved from the head of the statue. They now have the key they need to present to Lich Amethus Wendyll; however, since this has been phased into the plane of Shadow, only Nimrod can carry it.

Plans now have to be made on how to get to Amethus without Archlich Khelias Darkwhynde preventing them.









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