Campaign of the Month: August 2012


The Orb of Celierre


The Questors are transported to the Tall Tower in the Citadel of the Dead with the aid of Nimrod Zamminor. There Nimrod waits, holding the shadow realm open, while the party climb up the stairs in search of the Orb of Celierre.After an encounter with a Deathshrieker, Baris is left unable to detect a deadly trap and three party members die.
Tippit manages to get the Orb of Celierre and Nimrod Zamminor moves up the stairs and helps to transport the party back through the shadow realm. He knows of a safe place and the wounded party travel through a portal to a cave hidden high above a pathway that skirts a black ravine.
The Droomalith grants a special Divine Intervention to the Warding Deities of the Quest, during which Quintine and Keoghen are removed and Pelius is reintroduced.
The new Questors are Aibron Torromson, Baris the Black, Tippit, Pelius and Gidor Elgyldor.

Current character status to be resumed when next session begins:
Baris INSANE 105HP (tied up)
Tippit 42HP
Aibron 86HP
Pelius 74HP and enters at full Strength.

Quintine’s scrolls RAISE DEAD (1) and RESURRECTION (2) will be left with the party, as well as the aspect of the CHAINS of GOND, which will be passed directly to Pelius.
The ORB OF CELIERRE has been placed in the party bag of holding!









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