Campaign of the Month: August 2012


The Nightmare Scenario








Blundering down through the darkness, the windwalking Questors make their way to where they last saw the ogres, finding, as expected, that they have already left. Stopping briefly to check for tracks, Grunthy determines that they have fled down the stairs, and they decide to fly like the wind downstairs. At the bottom, Jezrab Flinchal spots two ogre legs lying in a large cavern under a massive whole in the roof. Carefully they make their way around a large curve and pursue their unseen foes into the darkness.

They are a noisy bunch, and move through the darkness with heavy breathing and armour a “aclinking”. Jezrab is the first to be hit by a bolt of chain lightning. Grunthy evades the electrical energy but most of the others are painfully aware that they are now under attack by what they soon discover to be a Nightmare Beast, a huge spellcasting monster of tusk and claw that pounces out into their dim light and starts ravaging them. Luckily, Falek Grange sneaks past it invisibly and delivers deadly blows with Pelius‘s mace. Sir Keoghen takes the brunt of the attack but is saved by his cleric’s prowess and healing powers, with some excellent supplementary aid from Jezrab.

Tippit delivers further fire attacks and together the group quickly bring the huge beast to the floor. Falek finds a bag on the floor and realises that it is their lost bag of holding, but all are now exhausted and they retreat to the empty lair to rest for 12 hours. When they return, they disembowel the creature and salvage more gear from the decomposing ogres within the great gut of the monster. They make their way down the stairs and prepare to enter The Vaults of Creation.


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