Campaign of the Month: August 2012


The Lich at the end of the Tunnel

Amethus the gatekeeper

With the Lich Deriath Fogbane destroyed and the shadow-phased Key to the Room of Dark Seclusion in the hands of the party’s companion, Nimrod Zamminor, the web begins to shake. The Questors realise that the end of Gossamer is nigh and flee back across the ravine to make their way to the Guardian Lich Amethus Wendyll.They all move through the vibrating web strand at speed.

Bright patches of multicoloured light soon reveal an undead drow attack as the party approaches the portal. A standard patrol has been placed here but they are no match for the Divinely quested group and within seconds the Drow are all destroyed and the Questors move into the portal that they know will take them to the vicinity of Amethus.

Alas, as they arrive in that place, the Vampire Shakira awaits them, supported by a full drow patrol and a strange shadowy form they have not yet seen. Immediately they are plunged into heavy battle, with Pelius taking a near mortal wound in the back from the Neocleric. The Vampire Shakira casts a Mindfog spell and immediately the group are in peril. The situation becomes even more horrific when Pelius finds that his turning abilities do not function!

Aibron Torromson, Baris the Black and Nimrod Zamminor all engage in melee combat and Tippit, unable to use his Greater Dispel opts for a Prismatic Spray attack. But then the Vampire dominates Aibron the fighter and the questors are in real trouble!

Baris manages to break through to the Halls of Amethus and is followed by Nimrod, carrying
Pelius, but Aibron, now dominated attacks and kills the fighter. The undead Drow do not follow the party but time is crucial, so Aibron and Tippit must be left behind. Ahead, through purple lit hallways, the Questors see the throned form of Lich Amethus Wendyll.









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