Campaign of the Month: August 2012


The Curse of the Blessing









Leaving the bodies of the looted undead warrior drow of Eillistraee in the web strand, the Questors move quickly to the next intersection in the Demonweb. All seems quiet but when the party enter, three camouflaged sporebats fly from the roof and begin to attack. They are soon despatched, however, and the group look around the room to find three teleportation circles, a statue of Eillistraee and a pattern on the wall, which they discover to be a map.

With this in hand, they use the portal to arrive at the Room of Three Blessings. Finding a secret door, they discover magical writing which Traveller knows to be Doctrine of Eillistraee. When he reads it out aloud, a doorway opens and the party move through a series of triangular rooms until they come to one with a statue of Eillistraee draped in a silver chain with a Crescent Pendant. Jezrab identifies this to be a greater portal key, and when he puts it on, all doors in the system are opened. But the Questors face undead Neopriests on either side of them.


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