Campaign of the Month: August 2012


Scrawled notes of a Bard...


There’s more to me than just morale I assure you! I will be the final recorder of the events that unfold around us.
Gods, abominations, Lantan tea. All these notes to sift, file and keep. Then to knock them into an epic, could take years.

The Cleric persona will need some work – needs more compassion if people are to LIKE him.
The Thief… Human interest angle – his ‘romance’ with the fair maiden! Torn between love and destiny – keep the ladies happy.
The Fighter will require an eloquence graft, perhaps an anti-hero? Fatalist battle cries? (“My loyalties will be the death of me…”) Brooding enough for the warrior classes.
The ‘Man- Machine’ Hmmmm…. Alliterative. Perhaps something the children will like – a funny metallic voice perhaps?
Then we have our ‘local hero’ – a distinctive battlecry? Loyal to a fault possibly? Tragic ending? One for the dreamers. We shall see.

Might need to write at least one of these out of it – a composite character? Merge which two of these?

Oh and then there’s me. Well of course there were times when they all came close to cracking and I strum in to restore morale, distract the beastie or silence it. Yes, and of course the Cleric has his doubts, the thief needed advice to woo the maid, the fighter confided on the eve of his final battle (now that’s a keep!), the man-machine puzzled his essential ‘humanity’ with me and our local hero should have a companion to go off and see the world (a sequel!).

Yes. It’s all coming together nicely. For history, posterity. Just need to survive the whole experience.

- Scrawled notes of Faren


Looking forward to a true tale from Faren.

Scrawled notes of a Bard...

Ah, the musings of a bard….

Scrawled notes of a Bard...

…such ethereal creatures!

Scrawled notes of a Bard...
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