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Rust Never Sleeps

Kapeski, Rust Dragon Guardian









After conversing with Imbamo Bama, Shamanic Chieftain of Denn, the party learn what they can about the dragon Kapeski and his Kobold minions and rest during the night. In the early morning they leave, using spells by Tippit to keep them invisible and Jezrab to transport them. They reach the edge of the lair unnoticed but two failed attempts by Grunthy to open a small side door alert the guards.

The party move through the kobold defences like a hot knife through butter, slaughtering most of the creatures. As they approach a second cavern they are attacked by a young Blue Dragon, but they kill him quickly and move forward. A red dragon does serious damage to Zahariel and destroys two of his magical items, and when Falek tries to chase a monk opponent he runs straight across the path of the waiting Kapeski, who breathes a jet of acid that burns the fighter and destroys several magcial items instantly.

The party kill the red dragon and the monk and then chase after Kapeski to find that he has trapped some of them in a series of Iron Walls. Knocking down one wall, Kapeski chases three characters after closing off the rest behind a chamber of rock and iron walls. He runs after Jezrab Flinchal and Shou Garner (who has been blinded by the Kobold Shaman), with Falek Grange just ahead.

At the entrance to the cave, Falek makes a spectacular leap into the water, while Jezrab and Sugar fly under the water, surfacing quickly to cast a Rope Trick spell and hurriedly climb inside. Kapeski decides to leave the swimmers till later and flies back through the concealed back door, arriving just after Tippit Dimension Doors the rest of them into the chamber, only to be divided again by another Iron Wall. Two more of the same spell brings the whole party back into the chamber, where Kapeski makes his first attack. Pelius and Sir Keoghen both lose items in a spray of corrosive acid and Pelius’ Destruction spell fails, but Zahariel and Keoghen each move in to attack, Keoghen armed only with a dagger.

With some heavy battering, a massive critical hit from Zahariel and some nifty archery from Grunthy, the odds are quickly turned against the great wyrm and he screams in blasphemous pain as he falls under a butchery of blades. When Jezrab returns with Sugar and Falek, Grunthy is already examining a magical box on top of a pile of Gems. Two Detect Magic spells blind the casters, so potent is the Magic of the Heart of the Dracolich. There is another item in the box. Falek lifts a pouch and opens it! It is a Deck of Many things. Falek follows the “rule of three” and restores sight to the two magic users, but loses everything he has gained and is destined to fight alone against a mighty enemy.

Useful items and treasure are gathered up, human slaves are liberated and kobold prisoners are handed over to the habitants of Denn. On reaching the shore at the other side of the lake, a mighty Exarch of Bahamut meets them and explains they must now go to Shimring. Two gargantuan brass dragons lower themselves so that the party can ride. They must now travel through the coexistant plane of Astaroth to Greyhawk to meet with the god Iuz!


Wow, sounds like this was and exciting but “expensive” quest!

Rust Never Sleeps
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