Campaign of the Month: August 2012


Return to the Great Hall:

In a attempt to locate the key to obtaining the Chains of Gond from the Good Lich, the Questors return to the Great Hall with the three telepotation devises in it!


They prepare their spells, but the Part-Angel causes a rift and an Entroptic Enemy appears, but though it is quickly destroyed, the air was left with a hint of discontentment!


They step through, but as they enter the otherside, they have a little time to comprehend their surrounding, Vhazeil Son of Zaphkeil had disappeared and a voice comes, as if from out of no-where, a ballad of a song of Lliira, “the dance of life can go on forever, sometimes full of strife, but if we fight together we can defeat this evil and return to a way of peace!”

The Questors cannot see who sings, but he speaks, “I am invisible, but am here to help you, my name if Gidor Elgyldor, prepare to fight!”


Nice one, Neil – and I like the wee pics!

Return to the Great Hall:
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