Campaign of the Month: August 2012




In the graveyard are five bodies. Three gnomes and two humans. They are not entombed or peacefully at rest. They are recently living beings who have become become victims of a terrible deadly ordeal. This is AS NOTHING for the Shimring Questors, so they march bravely in.It is cold and dark when Aibron Torromson and Talia Karmylis are suddenly attacked by wraiths. At the same time, two DREAD WRAITHS fly over the heads of some of the group, attack Pelius and Gojira and spring back to a defensive position hovering over the action, while a NIGHTWALKER floats out from behind a tower mausoleum and in response to the warcry of Talia Karmylis, paralyses her with his chilling gaze.

In the second round Baris the Black despatches three wraiths, Aibron cuts through the incorporeal membrane with the Scimitar of the Blessed and the Light while Gojira takes advantage of his “construct” status to move in to melee and Forge moves into the air. Faren the Bard moves to the rear and continues to play a song that both inspires and strengthens the party.

Pelius enters the fray with such a potency of turning that all the wraiths, including the dread wraiths, are destroyed. But it is not potent enough to counter the Nightwalker, who points at the dreaded enemy of undead in such a horrid way that his Finger of Death spell instantly kills the Radiant Servant of Pelor. Baris rushes in to deliver multiple attacks with his Holy daggers but the creature remains afloat, paralysing Forge and turning to Baris with a threatening telepathic message: “I will crush your weapons.”

Twice the creature tries to disarm Baris and twice it fails, for Baris is quick and powerful too. Eventually, the Nightwalker is overwhelmed by the full force of the Questors and is ultimately destroyed, uttering a horrid wail into the night before it drops to the ground. Luckily, the group find the two children of “Baris’s Squeeze”, earning the rogue utmost admiration and a very comfortable bed for the night, although the five militia members will be sadly missed by the town of Sambar.

For the first time in his life, Forge attempts to use a True Resurrection scroll and is successful in restoring the smitten cleric to life. All welcome the return of the great lord, and not ONLY for the instant healing he dishes out before they all head “home” for the night.

It is DIVINE DREAMS galore that night, as the party find out their new adversary to be an old enemy from ten years ago. A drow force sent by Eclavdra will be pitched against our heroes in the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration tonight. Plans will need to be “FIRMED”.

At breakfast the group also bump into Simon Switchblade, the long lost cousin of Ahab Flinchal, whom they met at the feast. He wishes them well and on leaving, passes Pelius a note requesting a private meeting at 3pm with an undisclosed party. There is much to do today………!









wow…a good time for all! Wraiths, and Nightwalkers, and undead, OH MY! A dead cleric, a paralyzed party member, I’m jealous!!!


I am confused- there “are five bodies. Three gnomes and one human.” What is the other body?


Dark = what kind of “FIEND” is jealous of a dead cleric? :)
VP – You have now “PASSED” the secret arithmetic test!

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