Campaign of the Month: August 2012


Night of the Museum

Drow in battle

At midnight two stars collide causing a bright flash in the night sky that creates a light brighter than the moon. The Questors use this distraction to enter the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration with the help of Dryclutch Makeshifter’s Gizmo only to discover that two Drow Warriors guard the door. The Drow Task Force of Eclavdra! Four warriors and a cleric attack the party but they still make their way speedily towards the room housing the CLIP OF GOND.

Baris the Black is the first to make it to the entrance of the Chamber, where he sees that the Cleric TREASON already has the clip in her hand. Beside her are BENDER the Rogue and the Draegloth Crusader ECCOSZ’T who runs up to block the passage. A deadly barrage of attacks assails the swashbuckler but he survives to be healed by Pelius who is close behind, providing light and vision with his Divine Magic. In the chambers behind them two Duskblades attempt to attack Forge and Talia Karmylis but a Wall of Force conjured by Forge forces a momentary delay on one of them. The construct Gojira finishes off the remaining warriors in the main hall, as Faren moves into the chamber with the Duskblades, playing a rousing tune that gives his comrades cheer.

Back at Gond’s chamber, Baris kills the dreaded Draegloth in a single round with his multiple feinting Holy sneak attacks but Aibron Torromson who has now joined the Cleric and Rogue is hit by multiple magically induced bolts from the darkness of the corridor. Baris tells him that the crossbow wielder is perched on the 20’ ledge at the end of the corridor. Luckily, protection spells limit much of the damage.

The Drow Cleric TREASON causes an Earthquake to buy her some time and GARAK the drow mage appears in flight from behind the rafters, casting a Wall of Force in front of her as two new drow Duskblades fly in to the fray trying to reach Pelius. Talia takes a near mortal hit but the Radiant Servant of Pelor Heals her. GARAK’s Wall of Force now obstructs the Duskblades trying to protect their High Priestess and they Dimension Hop through but are hindered in this by Forge’s Anticipate Teleportation spell. With the ground shaking, the bells of the Crafthouse clang ominously!

ATORESZ EILSERVS, the crossbow wielding drow ranger leaves his perch and flies in to aid but is himself thwarted by his comrade’s Wall of Force , the wizard GARAK, sustaining his own wounds, flies away into a southern corridor. From the hallway, four drow warriors now join the duskblades in the outer chambers and move into attack but are largely destroyed by Pelius’s Flamestrike. Faren moves closer to the fray and is able to lend more aid to Baris’s attacks.

Inside the CHAMBER OF GOND Forge casts Evard’s Black Tentacles to capture Dracolich Heart Wielder BENDER the Rogue, who has hidden himself round the corner to maximise his sneak attack ability. He evades the tentacles but Gojira is summoned into the chamber and bashes the rogue to DEATH. TREASON’s Confusion attempt is unsuccessful. Having already taken some damage from Baris the Black, she Harms him and tries to fly away. Although she is now flanked by two of her Duskblades, she cannot avoid all the attacks aimed against her and dies, dropping the CLIP OF GOND onto the floor.

GARAK the wizard appears from a different entrance and dispels his Wall of Force for Artoresz to move into the battle area. At the same time a hitherto hidden assassin rushes in but fails in his assassination attempt on Talia. He still delivers considerable damage but luckily she makes her saving throws v Poison and picks up the CLIP. Pelius heals all with a Mass Cure Critical Wounds spell. The fight continues and one of the drow makes a savage attack on Faren, cutting his body but not his spirit.

At the end of a gruelling nine rounds of bloody battle, with the bells of the Crafthouse still pealing wildly, the alternative HEART OF THE DRACOLICH has been nullified and the party have the CLIP OF GOND in their possession but six of the Questors’ enemy remain with deadly resolve.

The battle will continue in the next game session….









9 rounds and counting… quite an epic battle!

Night of the Museum

Yes, it has been pretty intense.

Night of the Museum

nice…this reminds me of one of our sessions last year. Epic battle, sir! Epic! Can’t wait to see what happens next.

Night of the Museum

It was quite an exertion, but the Questors coped admirably…

Night of the Museum
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