Campaign of the Month: August 2012


Morning has Broken...

Arrow demon








The brave Questors attempt to sleep with Kane the Traveller guarding the door. Within an hour a Bar-Lgura skeleton enters the room carrying an earthenware decanter. Undeath and earthenware both meet their end. Twenty minutes later a further four skeletons attack. After killing these, the party decide that rest is best sought through the teleportation ring in the chamber guarded by Captain Starlet and his men.

At 7am (you know how accurate those hour glasses are) the party enter into the Halls of Beckoning fully replenished. They open the door of the room to find a further four skeletons and a demon who promptly disappears. Within the space of one minute, the party are attacked by exploding Bar-Lgura skeletons and ‘teleporting’ Arrow Demons. Both Grunthy and Pelius die, their souls now removed from the quest. Intense fighting continues until four demons and five skeletons die, shutting the heavy metal doors.

Falek Grange, hiding in the empty library, finds a secret door and the whole party sneak into the library of Avagozel. As they stare in wonder at the room full of books, a solitary drow momentarily appears in their midst and slits Falek’s throat. He too leaves the quest.

The quest is joined by four new members – Quintine (Priestess of Pelor), Aibron (Fighter of Greyhawk), Sven (Shield Dwarf of Faerun) and Kassadin (Blood Elf Infiltrator of Greyhawk). Their arrival must surely be Divine Providence because Tippit is aware that the Heart of the Dracolich draws them into its power and thus into the coexistant Plane of Shimring in which the others all exist.

Inside the room the party discover three spellbooks, a copy of Boccob’s Blessed Book, a mithral leaf and two adamantine boxes. By the end of their period of intense investigation they have identified an Analyse Dweomer scroll, which they use to identify the other items, adding two powerful scrolls and two Wishes to the party’s arsenal.

At 7.30 am (By the hair of Boccob, that hourglass is accurate!) the Questors leave the room and open the Heavy Steel Doors. Another set of doors awaits, but when they open these, an alarm is sounded and once more the party is beset by a deadly combination of Bar-Lgura skeletons and Arrow Demons, killing the new Cleric, Quintine, in the first round.

The battle continues………..


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