Campaign of the Month: August 2012


Mistress of Light


Fleeing from the Citadel of the Dead, through dark webbed passages, the Questors hurried to find the safety of the Valley of Divine Light so they could bring about the true resurrection of Sir Keoghen. As she ran, Quintine Excavar reflected on what they had just experienced. Some sort of unexplained Divine eruption had replaced Vhazeil with a high elf called Gidor Elgyldor.Presently the party knew nothing of him but his rightful place on the Quest seemed certain. She also felt certain that Aibron Torromson would surely have been lost had it not been for the use of the party’s last WISH. The horrific truth that Baris the Black, Tippit and herself all succumbed to Confusion surely meant that they were dealing with protective spells cast at a very high level.

All the time on the way back, Quintine prayed to Pelor that she could perform the rites and cast the True Resurrection spell before the Lich, Khelias Darkwhynde, had enough time to extract information from Deathspeak magic.

Arriving at Gerald Scarfe’s abode she concentrated on her Divine Magic while at the same time trying to listen to the words exchanged between her friends and the new stranger in their midst. This Nimrod Zamminor must be the “DARK ALLY” mentioined in the PROPHECY OF SIGIL. A drow he was, but a living drow at least, and with some sort of SHADOW ABILITY that might just give her friends the edge they needed. Taking out her mightiest scroll, she read the words with cool deliberation. She could not afford any errors.









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