Campaign of the Month: August 2012


Many Meetings and a Feast of Surprises

A Portal Opens









Zahariel, Pelius and Grunthy make the long awaited trip to Sigil, meeting a new companion (Falek Grange), at the portal, now warded by Taern Hornblade’s soldiers. Shou Garner travels through a portal and bumps into Jezrab Flinchal. Together, they search for Zahariel. All adventurers meet at the Green Dragon Inn in the Lower Ward and get off to a great start, with Zahariel inviting Sugar and Jezrab to the house that has been secured for them by Merrick Johnson.

They all enter a competition at the Styx Oarsmen – a roudy game of “Demon Pit” with the Prize, a coveted True Resurrection Spell. Unfortunately, this is won by a greedy Mezzoloth, who dances into the night and teleports away. There is violence in the bar, with at least two demons slain by the Marilith barmaid. The party retire to their house next door to the Green Dragon Inn, where they sleep soundly and wake early, all having had vivid dreams. They discuss these over breakfast and there seem to be common themes – chains, gifts and windows of opportunity.

A knock at the door turns out to be two troublesome Vrocks. They attack the party but are themselves destroyed. Unfortunately, an innocent halfling is killed. Prayers are said, a funeral is arranged, but the feast must continue – not where it was intended. The hired hall has mysteriously burned down so the party decide to hold the feast at home. Merrick Johnson provides the catering and the butler is so busy, nobody even notices he is there. Two dabus stand guard at the entrance and one of them utters something to them – a message from the Lady perhaps, of a window of opportunity.

During the feast a dark portal opens in the room. Pelius is first to jump in. He sees a statue of an elf on a pedestal with three chains draped over the statue – gold, silver and bronze. Several diminutive figures in the light source urge him to take the chains and flee! Sugar tries to help but the tiny figures urge her to leave them be and save herself. No sooner than Sugar steps back into the room does the portal disappear!

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What a great way to kick off a campaign! Deadly games, eerie dreams and magical portals leading to strange new horizons. I look forward to seeing what happens next.



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