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Madness and Mayhem

Intellect devourer








The brave Questors recuperate in Tirra’s house in Greyhawk for two days. Zahariel leaves the house one day and does not return. Priestess Hermione of the the House of GaGa acquires some more magic items for the party and they attempt to use a Commune spell but are foiled by the Primordial Power effect. They decide to wait another day, cast another Commune spell and head off to meet Grandfather Magic, the guardian of the Greyhawk dungeons.

Grandfather Magic is as mad as they expect, but when they offer him the Obsidian Key, he takes it, places it in the Ruby Skull and a large butterfly pops out. “The butterfly of Zagyg,” Grandfather Magic squeals in delight, “It will show me the way to the One True Portal.” With that, he drops everything and runs over the fields, chasing the butterfly.

The questors learn that the way to the dungeons is now open and the young priests that remain tell them they have marked the way down to the Vaults of Creation on level 5 with chalked butterflies on the walls. The Questors follow these signs for two hours, going deeper and deeper into the dungeon, until they find a chamber of doors with no markings. Investigating one room, Falek, with his arcane sight, spots two creatures hiding in the alcoves – intellect devourers!

Battle ensues and both Grunthy and Tippit fall prey to CONFUSION but Sir Keoghen and Falek Grange both step up in Zahariel’s absence, delivering killer blows with their mighty swords. With Jezrab Flinchal‘s protection, Keoghen’s aura and Pelius’s saving throw enhancements, the group easily overcome the two creatures and prepare to move down the next flight of stairs to Level 3.


Ooh, I like the imagery of chasing magical butterflies through golden fields in search of the One True Portal; very evocative!

Madness and Mayhem

Alas, I cannot claim that image as my own. It is part of the narrative of “Expedition to the Ruins of Greyhawk” but I did manage to accentuate it with some fun roleplaying.

Madness and Mayhem
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