Campaign of the Month: August 2012


Knock knock knocking on Mystra's Door

First death and costly resurrection









Travelling on the backs of two ancient dragon who fly continuously for five days and nights, the Questors are transported over lands and sea to the mystical isle of Shimring. The flight is surprisingly comfortable, as the dragons have had towers strapped to their backs to accomodate the adventurers.

Although at first they are not talkative, they soon open up to Jezrab’s singing and accompany him in tuneful harmony. During the flight, they also tell the players what they know of Shimring and of the Temples of Primordial Power.

On the fifth day the great wyrms relieve themselves of their burdens and wish the Questors good luck. They stand on a hilltop facing a small passage entrance carved into the very bones of the land. Magical runes adorn the pillars around the entrance and when Zahariel tries to read the inscription, he finds only temporary lunacy and babbles on in a mixture of languages so varied that nobody could glean any meaning from it.

The group inch forward into the dungeon, with Falek at the head, hoping to meet the Destiny of the Comet by a lone encounter with their first foe. This is an ancient Sentry Ooze, and Falek strides bravely into an underground arena to do battle with the beast. Within seconds, his life is bereft of him and he is eaten.

The rest of the group then charge in, doing battle with fire and magic until slowly the creature, which has split into several creatures after each sword and arrow attack, is ultimately destroyed. The party continue on down the passage and very soon meet a dark but naked figure in the passage ahead.

Falek, has been returned by his Gods to fulfil his destiny. But this is not without cost. In payment of the magical power used to enact True Resurrection, Tippit, who is now the new carrier of the Heart of the Dracolich, loses his Ring of Protection, which bursts into a mist of cold blue flame and disappears.

Using the Primordial Power Word, Astaroth, Tippit brings the party into the cojoined plane and they arrive in a quiet stable deep inside the City of Greyhawk. They are met by a dark haired elf, Tirra, who explains that she has been waiting to give them assistance to acquiring the key they shall need to enter The Tower of Magic. Using the “Baklunian Refuge Bottle”, they must enter the Ziggaurat of the Guild of Wizardry, find the Yragerne Accord of 393, which they are told describes the whereabouts of the Obidian Key, the item needed to gain access to the lower chambers of Zagig’s Tower of Magic. There is no time to lose!


Ouch, sound’s like this was not Falek’s day. Well, thank God for deus ex machina anyway, right! Looking forward to seeing what’s next for our plain-hopping heroes.



Falek’s greatest fear these days seems to be “being naked!”

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