Campaign of the Month: August 2012


"I'll be back!"

Iron golem

A gift from the Gods! Not only is Jezrab Flinchal blessed with a wish spell but the party are also made aware of an important portal closing. On this advice they all travel to the Great Golden Room where they meet the aspect of Bahamut, offering them one last chance to leave the Demonweb without completing their quest, before the Portal to Arvondor is shut forever.But our heroes are not called “Questors” for nothing. They decide to remain to find the Chains of Gond. In honour of their great courage and determination, the aspect of Bahamut gives his ring of TWO wishes to Sir Keoghen before he exits the portal. Immediately, the portal closes and the Golden Room shakes violently. The statue of Eillistraee falls and the golden light is snuffed out.

Back in the Armoury, the party battle against yet more Drow, this time aided by Babau demons and led by a vampire mage. Jezrab is killed but Quintine Excavar comes to the rescue with a Revivify spell. Aibron Torromson and Keoghen are held up by Drow soldiers and Baris the Black, in attempting an attack on the Undead Priestess, succumbs to Drow Poison and falls. Only Kane the Traveller has the speed and power to save Baris, so having established the mage is attacking through a Projected Image , he flies over and scoops the rogue up just in time. Tippit, Quintine and Jezrab retreat through the portal to fortify themselves but Jezrab has been affected by a Confusion spell and flees into the web passages before he can do much damage to any of his comrades.

Quintine and Tippit return to the armoury and all of the undead drow are destroyed, apart from the Vampire Mage, who manages to escape through one of the portals. Only an Iron Golem remains protecting the huge 10’ adamantine door of the armoury. Time is of the essence now, and Jezrab has still not returned.


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