Campaign of the Month: August 2012




In the final rounds of the battle in the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration, the Questors fight against the remaining six drow for possession of the sacred relic, THE CLIP OF GOND.The wizard GARAK fires Chain Force Missiles into the group and flies away, while Captain ARTORESZ EILSERVS, a drow Assassin and three Duskblades fight to the death.

Forge and Gojira chase the fleeing wizard and try to prevent him leaving, using a Dimensional Anchor but this is thwarted by the Wall of Force that GARAK has left behind him, and the wizard makes good his escape. Meanwhile, back in the Chamber of Gond, with the Crafthouse bells still clanging in the great towers of the building, the fight continues, with Talia Karmylis, Aibron Torromson and Baris the Black all fighting to overcome the enemy and protect the Cleric, Pelius.

With Pelius already wounded, one of the Duskblades swipes out with a mighty critical blow that brings the Radiant Servant of Pelor to within an inch of his life. (His single remaining Hit Point throbs in alarm!) Luckily Pelius is able to Heal himself in time and with the powerful attacks of Aibron, Baris and Talia now slicing through their enemy, the battle is ended without any party death!

But now time is pressing. Gathering together what magical items they can, Forge leaves an apologetic note on Dryclutch Makeshifter’s GIZMO, Talia gives the CLIP OF GOND to Pelius and the group run outside into the brightly starlit area outside of the Museum.

Gond Himself descends from the sky, prohibiting the removal of the Clip but blessing the Chains of Gond so that they are now FULLY enabled. Baris uses the POWER WORD GRNEEKLE to extract the true identity of the Questor’s ultimate adversary and learns that they must capture the Earth God SET, using the Divine Chains. Talia and Forge, both worshippers of Gond, are blessed with Divine Knowledge and the party take their leave by uttering the final POWER WORD GRNEEKLE to take them back to Shimring.

By use of Pelius’s Wind Walk spell, the party travel miles across the land to eventually find a place where they can rest for the night before making the final trip across the sea to the Isle of Horus. In the forests of the south east Shimring coastline, they find an elevated cave and get some rest, with Gojira blocking the cave entrance through every shift of guard.

But the night is NOT without event….


Fantastic reading! What a great night for adventuring, with daring escapes, bold attacks, and an almost PK, who could ask for more!


Thanks, Chris. (PS: They didn’t ASK for more, but there is more yet to come …)


Pelius almost dead! A wizard gets away! A God appearing! Sounds like a great night!!
Good luck against SET!! My group has yet to face him- and they have survived because of it.

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