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Get The Party Started!

Ahab wrenchfree

Immediately after witnessing a HIT AND RUN DRAGON TAKE AWAY that damaged three party members, almost destroyed FORGE’s Runic Guardian, and killed nine innocent children, the Questors hand over the child they have saved to the Sambar authorities and head off for a spot of lunch in the Sambar Inn.FAREN accepts an evening Bardic Slot offered by the landord and BARIS organises a hot date with the sister of the wench who stayed with FAREN the previous night.

Shortly before finishing off the last slice of his hogroast, AIBRON feels a tug at his side and notices his Heward’s Handy Haversack is missing. He alerts his comrades and BARIS is quick off the mark to block the tavern doorway. An invisible thief inflicts some serious damage but miraculously BARIS escapes the effects of the Dragon Bile poison, and with the help of PELIUS’s See Invisibility spell, the perpetrator is quickly dealt with in the usual style of Shimring Questor Justice!

Before the town guard arrive to take away the body, the rich plethora of magical items and diamond dust is sequestered into the bags and pockets of the adventuring party. Alas, he is just another low-grade thief who got caught and will no doubt have a very unceremonious funeral somewhere in the city graveyard.

Meeting their appointment at the House of Ahab, the group in fact meet Ahab Wrenchfree and inform him of his cousin, Jezrab’s untimely demise (Lost forever in the Demonweb Pits). Ahab punches his own nose in grief and frustration but invites the group to a private party that evening in Jezrab’s honour. Getting back to town, the party dress up, FAREN manages to arrange a strange bard to cover his slot and BARIS invites his wench to a party the like of which she will never have seen!

The party is attended by some seriously prominent members of the Sambar community – Ahab and his wife, Mathilda Wrenchfree, Annadin Dextra (Priest of Gond with special dispensation for the care and maintenance of the High Holy Crafthouse of Inspiration), Salia Hermfold (charismatic head priestess of Mystra), Dryclutch Makeshifter (wealthy locksmith and ex-employer to both TALIA and FORGE), and Simon Switchblade (Ahab’s cousin visiting from Waterdeep, running a metal printing business in that great city).

After a meal of the very highest quality, during which the group learn some more information about the town of Sambar, the Clip of Gond, the High Holy House of Inspriation, and some of the conflicting ideas regarding the recent prophesies of the town’s seers, the Questors head back towards town to discuss matters further but are assailed by two lusting Balhannoths.


Lusting Balhannoths? Does that mean they teleport and then have sex?

Get The Party Started!

LOL!……..if only!

Get The Party Started!
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